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The World's First Fully Solar Powered Robot Mower

Introducing a groundbreaking leap in lawn care technology – the world’s first fully solar-powered robot mower. Embrace efficiency, sustainability, and a lawn always groomed to perfection.

About Us

Our Robotic Lawn Mowers

SunScout is a New Zealand-based company that is on a mission to transform the world of lawn care. We are dedicated to developing innovative solutions that are environmentally sustainable and make life easier for our customers.

Our team is made up of professionals who share our vision and are committed to creating innovative solutions that make a real difference. Join us on our journey to revolutionize the world of lawn care and create a more sustainable future for all. With our Head Office in New Zealand, SunScout also has a presence in Massachusetts, USA and Germany.


Our Robotic Lawn Mowers

SunScout Pro

US $2499.00

Equipped with high accuracy RTK-GNSS navigation, in-built lithium-ion batteries, and an onboard deployable solar panel system, this mower is completely self-sufficient. No need for fuel or access to electricity – the SunScout Pro can be put to work anywhere in the world, making it the ultimate independent robot mower. Say goodbye to traditional lawn care and hello to the future with SunScout Pro!

SunScout Lite

US $899.00

The SunScout Lite is our solar powered solution for a robotic lawn mower with perimeter wire. Thanks to its on-board solar panel, this robot mower runs fully on solar power and does not require a charging station. This robot mower is suited for smaller to medium-sized lawns up to 700 ㎡ and can also be retrofitted to lawns that already have a perimeter wire installed.

SunScout Solar Shelter

US $199.00

With the SunScout Solar Shelter, any robot mower can now operate entirely on solar power. There is no longer a need to run an AC power cable from your house to the charging station. Instead, the SunScout Solar Shelter generates AC power directly at the charging station, utilizing solar energy harvested from the sun. This charging station can now be conveniently set up anywhere along the perimeter wire, eliminating the requirement to be in close proximity to a power outlet.

Innovation for Convenience & the for Environment

Discover a cutting-edge blend of convenience and environmental consciousness. Our innovative solar-powered robot mowers redefine efficient lawn care, harmonizing technology with sustainability for a greener, hassle-free tomorrow.

No Perimeter Wire

RTK GNSS navigation with high accuracy over large areas.

Fully Solar Powered

Deployable solar panels and solar tracking for fast and efficient charging. 100% sustainable lawn mowing at zero energy cost.

Multi Zones

Programmable to travel between mowing areas and mow multiple lawns. Just program the mower where and when to mow – it’s as simple as that.

Why Choose SunScout?

Cutting-Edge Technology

Harness the power of innovation with our state-of-the-art solar-powered robot mowers, ensuring a smarter and eco-friendly mowing experience.

Wireless Precision

Say goodbye to boundaries. Sunscout eliminates the need for perimeter wires, offering unmatched freedom and ease in lawn maintenance.

Zero Operating Costs

Enjoy a cost-effective solution with our solar-powered mowers. No fuel expenses, no electricity bills – just efficient, sustainable mowing.

Environmental Stewardship

Join the movement toward a greener planet. Sunscout is committed to sustainability, providing you with a guilt-free, eco-conscious lawn care solution.

Science at Work

The SunScout technology was developed by one of the world’s leading institutes for advanced robotics in agricultural and horticultural sciences.

Led by Professor of Robotics Johan Potgieter, the team at Massey AgriFood Digital Lab used their expertise to come up with a reliable and robust robot mower with high accurate GPS navigation, which is user friendly, and which is able to operate in harsh environments and terrains.

At Your Fingertips

Set the mowing schedule and select mowing patterns. Track real time operation status and performance.

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