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Welcome to SunScout

Pioneering Solar Innovation for a Sustainable Future!

At SunScout, we stand at the forefront of revolutionizing mobile solar energy solutions. Our roots trace back to New Zealand, and we have evolved into a global force with a mission to sustainably power mobility.

Our commitment revolves around developing cutting-edge, environmentally sustainable solutions that not only redefine the way vehicles are powered but also make life easier for our customers.

Our Signature Product

The World's First Fully Solar-Powered Robot Lawn Mower

Our pride and joy, the world’s first fully solar-powered robot lawn mower, embodies the convergence of solar power and state-of-the-art robotic technology.

This innovative marvel isn’t just about mowing lawns; it’s a mobile electric power solution with versatile applications in residential and commercial settings. Beyond the obvious environmental benefits, it provides a long-term return on investment for owners through access to zero-cost mobile energy.

Global Reach, Local Commitment

As a globally operating company, SunScout combines a Kiwi legacy with a commitment to serving diverse markets. Our journey began in New Zealand, and today, we are dedicated to addressing the unique needs of customers worldwide. Our team of professionals shares a collective vision, working tirelessly to create solutions that make a real difference.

Focused on Sustainable Technologies

SunScout specializes in key technology applications, including Robotics, Solar Power, and EV Technology. At the heart of our innovation is the SunScout Slide-Out Solar Power System. This revolutionary system features ultra-thin, lightweight solar panels arranged within a compact housing.

The sleek design allows integration into various vehicles, including electric robots and EVs. A standout feature is the versatile onboard solar charge control system, offering compatibility with various battery types and programmable charging settings tailored to specific requirements.

Empowering Autonomy with SunScout Technology

When the batteries run low, our solar panels elegantly extend, providing all the energy needed for the operation of the robot vehicles. This significant stride toward sustainable and self-sufficient energy solutions is made possible by our commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation.

The SunScout Slide-Out Solar Power System empowers electric vehicles with complete autonomy from external power sources. At SunScout, we invite you to join us in shaping a sustainable future. Explore our innovative solutions and be part of the solar revolution.

What we do?

Solar Powered Robot Mowers.

SunScout Robot Mowers are revolutionizing lawn care with our groundbreaking slide-out solar power technology. Our robot lawn mowers operate exclusively on 100% solar energy, making them the world’s first and only fully sustainable lawn care solution.

The motivation behind developing solar-powered lawn mowers is clear. Traditional gasoline-powered mowers rank among the world’s most environmentally harmful machines. Unlike cars and on-road vehicles equipped with catalysts and filter systems to reduce emissions, petrol-powered lawn mowers, especially two-stroke engine models, often lack emission control systems, contributing significantly to environmental damage.

With SunScout’s innovative technology, we are replacing the world’s dirtiest engines with the cleanest solution available. SunScout provides solar-powered robot mowing solutions as environmentally friendly alternatives to push mowers and ride-ons. Additionally, we offer a solar-powered solution that seamlessly integrates with any existing electric robot mower, ensuring sustainability in every corner of your lawn care routine.

What we do?

Solar Powered EVs

SunScout’s focus on Solar Powered Electric Vehicles (EVs) challenges the conventional approach of installing solar panels on stationary surfaces. We recognize that for optimal environmental impact, solar panels must be integrated into mobile applications to replace the use of fossil fuels effectively.

With SunScout technology, recreational vehicles can achieve complete independence from external power supplies. Also, electrical utility vehicles, such as delivery vans and golf carts, can leverage solar-generated electricity during stationary periods, to run fully on solar power. Our innovative SunScout solar power slide-out system goes beyond traditional methods by significantly increasing the solar array area on vehicles. This enables substantial solar energy generation, providing a reliable source for recharging electric vehicles.

SunScout is actively involved in two groundbreaking EV projects set to revolutionize automotive mobility:
Urban Electric Vehicle with Integrated SunScout On-Board Deployable Solar Power System: This self-charging electric micro-car is equipped with an integrated SunScout on-board solar power system, enabling it to fully recharge its batteries using solar energy.

Solar Powered EV Campervan with Integrated SunScout On-Board Deployable Solar Power System: Our self-charging EV Campervan features an integrated SunScout on-board deployable solar power system, offering the capability to completely recharge its batteries using solar energy.

At SunScout, we’re not just redefining how vehicles are powered; we’re pioneering a sustainable and energy-independent future in automotive mobility.

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