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SunScout Pro

Equipped with high accuracy RTK-GNSS navigation, in-built lithium-ion batteries, and an onboard deployable solar panel system, this mower is completely self-sufficient. No need for fuel or access to electricity – the SunScout Pro can be put to work anywhere in the world, making it the ultimate independent robot mower. Say goodbye to traditional lawn care and hello to the future with SunScout Pro!

SunScout Lite

The SunScout Lite is our solar powered solution for a robotic lawn mower with perimeter wire. Thanks to its on-board solar panel, this robot mower runs fully on solar power and does not require a charging station. This robot mower is suited for smaller to medium-sized lawns up to 700 ㎡ and can also be retrofitted to lawns that already have a perimeter wire installed.

SunScout Solar Shelter

With the SunScout Solar Shelter, any robot mower can now operate entirely on solar power. There is no longer a need to run an AC power cable from your house to the charging station. Instead, the SunScout Solar Shelter generates AC power directly at the charging station, utilizing solar energy harvested from the sun. This charging station can now be conveniently set up anywhere along the perimeter wire, eliminating the requirement to be in close proximity to a power outlet.

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