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Zero Running

Say goodbye to fuel expenses with our solar-powered robot mowers

Payback Through Fuel Savings

Watch your investment pay off as you save on fuel costs

Fully Sustainable Lawn Mowing

 Embrace eco-friendly, solar-powered mowing for a greener tomorrow

No Perimeter Wire Needed

Experience the future of effortless lawn care with our advanced robot mower – no wires, no limits

SunScout Pro

Introducing the SunScout Pro robot lawnmower – the future of lawn care! Equipped with high accuracy RTK-GNSS navigation, in-built lithium ion batteries, and an onboard deployable solar panel system, this mower is completely self-sufficient.

No need for fuel or access to electricity – the SunScout Pro can be put to work anywhere in the world, making it the ultimate independent robot mower. Say goodbye to traditional lawn care and hello to the future with SunScout Pro!

Our Signature Product

The Most Convenient Way To Mow Your Lawn

Simply navigate the Sunscout robot mower along the lawn boundary, using the App. SunScout then creates a map of your lawn or even multiple lawns and sets accurate virtual boundaries. You can also set pathways for SunScout to navigate between the lawns and mowing zones and define a parking area for standby periods.

No Perimeter Wire

Fully Solar Powered

App Control

RTK Navigation

Programmable Routes

GPS Location Tracking

Obstacle Avoidance

Multi Lawn Management

Mow up to 2 Acres

Good for the Environment

Revolutionize Your Lawn Care with a Solar-Powered Mower Say Goodbye to Emissions: A Sustainable Robot Mower Solution

SunScout Emits Nothing

Petrol Powered Lawnmowers are some of the World’s Most Polluting Machines

Many petrol mowers, especially two-stroke engines, lack emission control systems and cause significant environmental damage

In the US, petrol lawnmowers generate 5% of annual air pollution, use over 3 billion litres (800 million gallons) of petrol, and spill 64 million litres (17 million gallons) of fuel into soil and groundwater during refueling each year

One gas-powered lawnmower can produce the same amount of pollution as 34 cars and emits 39.5kg of CO2, 21.8kg of CO, 2.5kg of VOC, 100kg of NOX, 100g of SO2, and 100g of PM if used for 25 hours annually.

Technical Specification SunScout Pro

Standard Features

Cutting width
Cutting height (programmable)
25mm to 75mm
Grass treatment
Vehicle Speed
Mowing coverage per charge
1,200 sqm
Mowing coverage per week
8,400 sqm
Slope capacity
20 degrees
< 70dB
45 kg
Dimensions (L/W/H)
850 / 450 / 450
Cutting motor power (brushless dc)
800 W
Wheel hub motor power (brushless dc)
2 x 300 W
Battery type 36V20Ah
Lithium Ion LiFePO4
Rated Battery Voltage
38.4 Vdc
Rated Battery Capacity
20 Ah
Rated Battery Energy
768 Wh
Peak Discharge
60 A
Maximum continuous discharge
30 A

Standard Features

Power Supply (3 x 50 W solar panels)
150 W
MPPT Solar Charger Efficiency
> 99%
MPPT Voltage range
15 V - 45 V
Maximum Input Current
15 A
Average battery charging time
4 hour
Navigation control system
User Control
Rain Sensor
Tilt Sensor
Lift Sensor
Obstacle detection sensors
Collision reverse
Anti-theft alarm
Anti-theft position tracking
2 Years

Optional Features

Grass meter
Weed electrocuting system
Warranty extension (3 years)


AS / NZS 60335.2.107.2013 A1
ANSI/OPEI 60335-2-107-2020
IEC 60335-2-107-2017